Project Manager - CAFM Data System

Job Type:Contract
Salary: £20 - 24.92/hour

 This is a key role in the implementation of the new CAFM Data system; it is required to Project Manage the selection and full delivery of a new CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system from tender evaluation and supplier selection phase to a fully delivered work package.

The system will enable the Corporate Asset and Facilities Management Team to manage the maintenance work flow management including statutory compliance for each building, identify issues and drive improvement.

Delivery of the system is an essential aspect of the Council’s ongoing Asset Management strategy, with access to effective data being essential. 

The role through the delivery of this system will ensure critical information required to deliver an effective service is up to date and used effectively to drive efficiency and report performance information to the CAFM Service. 

Responsible for: None 
Responsible to: Work Planning Manager 

Smarter Working Profile: The work style for this role is defined as:
Hub Workers

Hub workers will be in a fixed location for the majority of their time. They are desk based in order to do their jobs and spend only limited times away from their desks during the working day. Hub workers are rarely required to work anywhere other than at an office work station and are required to hot desk within their team’s respective zoned area.

Flexible in approach to hours worked and willing to attend events and meetings out of hours, during the evening and at weekends. 
Principal duties and responsibilities 

1. To project manage the implementation of the Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), ensuring that it is fit for purpose, accurate and reliable, and effective systems, processes and end to end procedures are implemented to ensure that the system operates as an effective tool to manage the maintenance requirements and plans for each building. 

2. To manage, co-ordinate and maintain effective stakeholder engagement and communication, by leading a multi-disciplinary team and ensuring Corporate and Service buy-in throughout the whole process.

3. To create and agree a robust and clear project plan. Due to the criticality of this Project a steering panel will be required and slippage will not be accepted, progress will be reported monthly to the CAFM programme board.

4. To fully support the selection of a system provider and system ensuring the selected system will meet all requirements of the specification and fully meet all requirements of the CAFM team.

5. To be responsible for ensuring the system is installed and commissioned effectively with respect to meeting all ICT requirements and system security.

6. To be responsible for the cleansing and migration of data from current disparate sources into the new system, enabling effective workload planning and control and effective cost management of data, reporting and KPIs.

7. To be responsible for managing Risks and Issues throughout the Project, a Risk register will be required at the start and clear plan to mitigate Risk and ability to make decisions as and when they arise.

8. To be responsible for the use of system training of CAFM service desk team, the wider CAFM team and the supply base that will be required to access, update and add reports or information to the system.

9. To be responsible for effective mobilisation ensuring all performance and service requirements including annual licences are met and put in place for the life of the system.

All staff will be expected to maintain high standards of customer care in the context of the council’s Core Values, to uphold the Equality and Diversity Policy and health and safety standards and to participate in training activities necessary to their post.

Calderdale Council is committed to safeguarding, and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults expects all staff and volunteers to share with this commitment.

All staff will support digital engagement and share expertise to build capacity across the wider organisation and with partners.

This is not a complete statement of all duties and responsibilities of this post. The post holder may be required to carry out any other duties as directed; the responsibility level of any other duties should not exceed those outlined above.

Person Specification


Coping with pressures and setbacks
Coping with pressure, balancing work and personal life, keeping optimistic, handling criticism.
Works productively in a high pressure environment.
(A) Copes with difficult situations.
(B) Balances the demands of work life and personal life.
(C) Maintains a positive outlook at work.
(D) Handles criticism and learns from it. 

Relating and networking 
Building relationships, networking, relating to all levels.
(A) Establishes good relationships with customers and staff.
(B) Builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside the organisation.
(C) Relates well to people at all levels.
(D) Manages conflict.

Applying expertise and technology 
Applying, developing and sharing specialist and detailed technical expertise, understanding other organisational disciplines.
(A) Applies specialist and detailed technical expertise.
(B) Develops job knowledge and expertise through continual professional development.
(C) Shares expertise and knowledge with others.
(D) Uses technology to achieve work objectives.
(E) Demonstrates appropriate physical co-ordination and endurance, manual skill, spatial awareness and dexterity.
(F) Demonstrates an understanding of different organisational departments and functions.

Planning and organising 
Setting objectives, planning, establishing contingencies, managing time, resources and people, monitoring progress.
(A) Sets clearly defined objectives.
(B) Plans activities and projects in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances.
(C) Manages time effectively.
(D) Identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks.
(E) Monitors performance against deadlines and milestones. 

Delivering results and meeting customer expectations 
Focusing on customer needs and satisfaction, setting quality and quantity standards, working systematically, achieving project goals.
(A) Focuses on customer needs and satisfaction.
(B) Sets standards for quality and quantity.
(C) Monitors and maintains quality and productivity.
(D) Works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way
(E) Consistently achieves project goals. Strengths matching

Assertive and diplomatic 
Communication skills – verbal and written. 
Planning activities 
ICT and Data analysis 
Organisational skills 

Advanced Level IT and Microsoft Office Skills - Level 4
A good level of education, preferably to degree level or equivalent - Level 4
PRINCE 2 - Practitioner

Knowledge / Skills

Communications skills – the ability to communicate effectively both in writing and orally - Essential

Ability to think and act in a strategic way, demonstrating a clear vision that can be translated into effective action - Essential

Interpersonal skills – the ability to develop effective and positive working relationships with colleagues, the CAFM system provider, building users and visitors - Essential

High degree of judgement and political nous to make decisions and understand the wider impact of those decisions - Essential

Project management skills – the ability meet time, cost, quality requirements and effectively manage resources and issues - Essential

Success in establishing effective performance measures and a performance culture to achieve corporate and service objectives - Essential

Organisational skills to plan, organise and prioritise own workload, prepare detailed reports and successfully multi-task in a fast-paced environment - Essential

Record of success in communicating and engaging with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, building partnerships and productive working relationships - Essential

Ability to analyse data, information, structures, systems and processes, summarise the key issues, and make appropriate decisions in light of this analysis - Essential

Ability to plan ahead, determine priorities and organise resources towards the achievement of Directorate and corporate objectives - Essential

Proficiency ICT data systems (both hosted and internally managed) and Microsoft Office products or equivalent windows based software - Essential

A working knowledge of Council governance, procedures and processes - Desirable


Experience of working with a wide range of stakeholders at a strategic and operational level - Essential

Experience of working within a complex, multi-disciplinary Project team. Including system providers - Essential

Experience in the development of effective end to end processes and procedures - Essential

Experience with working with ICT systems, procedure’s and service agreements - Essential

Experience of commissioning systems or services - Essential

Experience of delivering, developing, and effectively managing a Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, its output performance and operational effectiveness - Essential

Knowledge of facilities management work categories in relation to category management and contract performance - Essential

Experience in delivering Projects from conception to completion - Essential

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